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Public History Group

The mandate of the public history working group is:
1.To promote public history as a practice and as a discipline.
2.To bring together historians interested in the field of public history.
3.To disseminate current research and promote relevant events.
4.To act, through the CHA, as an advocacy group for public historical concerns.
5.To assist the CHA by proposing and co-ordinating future public history sessions at its annual meeting.
The group is reorganizing and getting back into regular operation over this year, 2022-23. We have three principal objectives to support that:
1) To revise the bylaws and processes of the committee in order to promote its sustained function and the preservation of institutional knowledge;
2) To explore and test a few collaborations that support the working group’s function as a public history network and resource in Canada;
3) To establish contact lists for the committee and for potential projects or partnerships in public history knowledge dissemination

Please note that to participate with this group, you need only be engaged with the presentation of the past in public. You do not need to be a member of the CHA or to be a professional historian.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Steve Schwinghamer (sschwinghamer@pier21.ca).