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CHA members have access to a Legal Fund in copyright infringement, libel or plagiarism cases.

The CHA tries to represent the interest of all historians in Canada regardless of their area of research with respect to a wide variety of matters including:

  • Funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and other agencies
  • Copyright and royalties
  • Access to archives and the preservation of historical records
  • Publishing
  • Privacy and access to information
  • Preservation and commemoration of heritage
  • Careers for historians
  • Mistreatment by universities, governments or other agencies
Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, The Canadian Historical Association calls on the federal government to use its influence to convince the French authorities to stop the building of luxury seaside condominiums at Juno Beach, Canada’s D-Day landing site in »
The CHA appreciates the challenges that Covid-19 have created: lockdowns and restrictions of various types have placed enormous burdens on all organizations, both public and private, regardless of their size.  We have no doubt that the leaders of the »