The Graduate Student Committee of the CHA

Welcome graduate student committee members!

The Graduate Students' Committee (GSC) is an affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association and serves the interests of all history graduate students in Canada. It gathers and distributes information for students on graduate programs, scholarships, conferences, job opportunities, research resources, and the Canadian Historical Association.

Composed entirely of graduate students, the GSC represents the interests of graduate students, and holds a voting seat, on the CHA Council. For more information on the composition of the GSC and how you can join us go to Join the GSC . 

In order to fulfill its mandate the GSC has created this website and the CHA-GRAD Listserv. This website contains information on scholarships, graduate history conferences, careers in history, and research resources. We will expand upon these features and add new ones in the future.

The CHA-GRAD Listserv (discussion group) was established to allow history students to share information and ideas relevant to their interests and concerns. If you are aware of any new conferences, job opportunities, scholarships, wish to seek information on a research topic, or wish to discuss a matter which you feel should be brought to the attention of the CHA Council by the GSC, we invite you to please post it on the CHA-GRAD Listserv.

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Please contact the committee should you have any questions.