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The CHA seeks to encourage the integration of historical knowledge and perspectives in both the scholarly and public spheres and to ensure the accessibility of historical resources. As such, it offers various funding programs to emerging and professional historians in the pursuit of historical inquiry, inside or outside of academia.

Call for Proposals for the CHA Collaboration Fund

Next Deadline: October 15th, 2024

Thanks to the generous bequest of Dr. Richard Allen, a path-breaking historian of the Social Gospel in Canada who was personally committed to community-engagement and collaboration, the Canadian Historical Association has initiated a new five-year CHA Collaboration Fund. Each year proposals from project leaders, committee members or individuals who are CHA members in good standing will be funded ($2,000 will be awarded in the spring and $2,000 again in the fall for a total of $4,000 maximum) that advance collaboration between historians in Canada. We are open to a variety of ideas ranging from new public events, journées d’études, book clubs, working groups, creative projects, pedagogical or communications initiatives, emergent research teams, and other community-building projects that open up conversations within the history discipline.  Proposals that extend beyond a single institution will be given preference.

Admissibility Criteria:  Successful applicants must be CHA members to receive funding.

Application Process:  Applicants can ask for a maximum of $1,000. Since the aim of the initiative is to help fund as many projects as possible, the Committee will prioritize proposals that are judiciously budgeted. The amount awarded to participants will be based on the number of eligible applications. Proposals should be 2-pages and describe the proposed initiative, explain its objectives, and how it contributes to the wider goals of the CHA. Funding for CHA members, unemployed or under-employed historians and community members should be identified and a budget breakdown provided.

There will be two grants awarded in each of the two competitions held per year:  April 15th and October 15th. Should the CHA Evaluation Committee consider that less than four applications received be meritorious of a grant, the unused money will be carried over to the next competition or the following year.

Please submit your proposals to the CHA office at cha-shc@cha-shc.ca . If you have questions, please contact Michel Duquet.

Selection Process: Proposals will be adjudicated by a committee of CHA Council and the results released a month after the application deadline. Within eight months, recipients must submit a short 1-2 paragraph report, parts of which might be published within Intersections, on the CHA website and social media or elsewhere.