An understanding of the past can provide valuable insight for the present – whether providing the context behind diplomacy, conflict and war, identifying important changes in societal values, politics and economic relationships, perceiving the motivations of contemporary actors, from heads of state to the working class, or understanding the historical significance of developments in science, technology and the arts.

In recent years, CHA members have called upon professional historians to become more engaged in the public discourse, and with the media in particular. It is with this in mind that the CHA has compiled an informal list of professional scholars whose experience and knowledge may be of interest to members of the media for commentary, interviews, editorial and opinion pieces, blog entries, etc., on contemporary and historical issues. It has been posted on the CHA website for easy access and sent to different French- and English-language media outlets.

The individuals listed here do not speak on behalf of the CHA, but as independent professional scholars with experience and knowledge in their respective fields. Moreover, the current list is a pilot project. Its usefulness will be assessed one year after its implementation. If deemed a success, it will be updated and re-released on an annual basis. 

This is also an open list – it was brainstormed and vetted by the CHA Executive and Council, and is intended to expand to include other areas of potential interest to the media. If you are a professional historian working in Canada and would like to have your name considered for inclusion, or to suggest a subject area that is not yet covered in the list, please contact us at

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