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Alvin Finkel, Athabasca University; 
Labour history, rights and issues, and social policy

Alvin Finkel has published extensively in Canadian Labour and Social History. He also co-authored one of the most widely used Canadian history textbooks in undergraduate teaching, History of the Canadian Peoples, in two volumes (Pearson Education, 2005)

Fluency: English 

Craig Heron, York University; 
Labour Movement

Craig Heron is a professor at York University, a past president of the CHA, and editor for the University of Toronto Press. He has authored several notable works on Canadian social history, including The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History (1989, 1996) and Booze in Canada: A History (2003)

Fluency: English

Peter McInnis, St. Francis Xavier University; 
Labour history, rights and issues, and social policy

Peter McInnis researches Labour and working-class history, North America and the Cold War era, and the social history of post-war Canada. He is the author of Harnessing Labour Confrontation: Shaping the Postwar Settlement in Canada, 1943-1950 (2002). He remains active in the field and in the area of post-secondary unionization with his role in the Canadian Association of University Teachers national executive and the Academic Freedom and Tenure committee

Fluency: English

Jeremy Milloy, Trent University; 

Jeremy is a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellow at the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, Peterborough, Ontario who is currently working on an interdisciplinary project on the historical relationship between addiction and work under capitalism in the United States and Canada, 1965-1995

Fluency: English 

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