10. General Resources


1.     Funding Graduate School

Check your graduate school funding page for provincial funding opportunities as well as internal scholarships.

·       Government of Canada Scholarships Portal: 

·       Le Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC): 

·       Ontario Graduate Scholarships: 

·       Indspire bursaries and scholarships for Indigenous students: 

2.     Life in Graduate School

·       The Thesis Whisperer: 

·       A Guide to Peer Reviewed Journals in Canadian History: 

3.     Sharing Your Work

i.      Calls for Papers

·       Canadian Studies Network Announcements: 

·       H-Networks (subscribe for announcements, calls for papers):  

ii.     Social Media Use

·       Digital Identity Health Check: 

·       The Canadian Historians Guide to Twitter: 

iii.    Copyright Registries/Payments

·       Access Copyright: 

·       Shared Lending Right Program: 

iv.    Creative Storytelling, Digital Products and Exhibitions

·       Concordia University Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling: 

·       National Council on Public History Resources: 

·       Canadian Museums Association Publications:  

v.     Creating Accessible Presentations

·       Making Better PowerPoint Presentations: 

·       Google Accessibility Guide: 

4.     Career Resources

i.      Academic Career Search Tips and Job Postings

·       Academic Jobs Wiki: 

·       University Affairs Career Advice: 

·       Inside Higher Education Careers Site: 

·       H-Net: 

·       Higher Ed Jobs: 

·       Chronicle of Higher Education: 

·       Canadian Studies Network Job Postings: 

·       Jobs.AC.UK: 

ii.     Careers Beyond Academe: Tips, Advice, Consultants

·       Beyond the Professoriate, L. Maren Wood 

·       From PhD to Life, Jennifer Polk 

·       Jobs on Toast: 

·       The Versatile PhD: 

iii.    Post-Ac and Alt-Ac Job Postings

·       Work in Culture Job Board: 

·       Jobs in Heritage: 

·       iSchool (Library and Archives Jobs): 

·       Government of Canada Post-Secondary Recruitment: 

·       Canadian Studies Network Job Postings: 

iv.    Interviews

·       23 common interview questions for arts/humanities related jobs: 

v.     Youth Employment Initiatives

·       The Government of Canada’s “Young Canada Works” (for grads under 30) and Post-Secondary Recruitment Programs are paid opportunities to work in departments, museums and other organizations. Taking work in these places might slow down the pace of an MA or PhD, but may also open new doors for you to use your skills and find satisfying work. 

·       Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) offers contract employment to students under 30. 

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