This is the second of a CHA Series (Zoom) Inspired by the Precarious Historical Instructors' Manifesto which took place on Friday January 22nd (1pm EST)

Chair:  Nancy Janovicek 

Participants:  Godefroy Desrosiers-Lauzon; Peter McInnis; Christine Gauthier; Jeremy Milloy; Catherine Larochelle; Janis Thiessen.

Resources:  Contract Academic Staff Committee of the CAUT Policy Statement on Fairness

CAUT Almanac of Post-secondary education employment.

Godefroy Desrosiers-Lauzon, Les chargés de cours crient au secours, Le Devoir (20 juin 2020).

Subalternéité et agentivité : les enseignant.e.s contractuel.le.s au sein des universités nord-américaines (3 mai 2020). Programme d’ACFAS.

See also:

The Corporate interests and -ideologies shaping Alberta's universities: What do they mean for our future? January 21, 2021 :: Dr. Laurie Adkin

University Affairs / Affaires universitaires « Publish or Perish » : des chercheuses demandent la fin de la discrimination systémique

You can see it on the CHA's YouTube Channel.

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