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Effective litigation reports differ in some important ways from materials prepared for an academic audience.  In this workshop, I will share specific tips, advice and guidance for historians preparing expert reports for litigation or other dispute resolution processes.  The session will include sections on working with counsel and clients, structuring research projects and written materials, the role of the historian-expert in the dispute resolution process, and strategies to increase the effectiveness and impact of the presentation of historical information in dispute resolution.  I have had the privilege of being mentored by skilled counsel, clients and other experts and will draw on my experience in court to offer support to other historians coping with the high-pressure litigation environment.

Friday 27 January 2023
12h00-13h30 Eastern Time

English-Language Workshop

Gwynneth Jones has been engaged in managing and conducting research for litigation and dispute resolution processes for over 35 years, for governments, First Nations and Métis clients. She has testified as an expert in nine trials and has reviewed reports and prepared research materials on dozens of issues related to Indigenous rights and claims. Her evidence was described as “crucial” by triers of fact in such leading cases as Powley (2003) and Daniels (2013).


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