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Engaged | Engagés - A CHA Webinar Series: Historians at Work I - The Private Sector

History PhDs are increasingly looking for and finding work outside of the traditional academic job market, but faculty are often not equipped to help them with this process.  The Committee on the Future of the History PhD in Canada is convening a seminar series to focus on job opportunities for PhD graduates.  The speakers include people who have found jobs in government, the private sector, museums and universities.  They will speak to their own journey in finding work, and tips for people looking for work in similar fields.  The seminars will be bilingual, with presenters using the language of their choice.  

Catherine Carstairs and Will Langford

Serge Dupuis, Historian consultant 
Hereward Longley, Lands and Culture Lead, Two Worlds Consulting 
Marian Toledo Candelaria Program Manager, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship for Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Heritage
Alice Glaze, Research Director, Know History 
Jessica DeWitt, Digital Communications Strategist and Editor in Chief and Social Media Editor, Network in Canadian History and Environment

The webinar is available on the CHA YouTube channel

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