History 2288 Author: Adele Perry
Course Subject: History of Social Movements in Canada
Posted: February 16, 2016

In this course we will examine the complexities of Canada in the modern era through an examination of the social movements that have both shaped it and protested it. We will pay particular attention to the ways that identities and inequalities -- of gender, race, class, nation, religion, language, sexuality and more – were encoded in Canada’s nation-state. We will also pay attention to how social movements (Indigenous rights, feminism, the labour movement, gay and lesbian liberation, and more) aimed to challenge this, and to the particular combination of successes and failures that they experienced in doing so.

This course builds on survey-level introductions to Canadian history and raises questions of historical methodology, including the use of primary sources and the critical analysis of historiography. There are no pre-requisites, and the course is suitable for students with little or no Canadian history background. The course aims to prepare students for more detailed and in-depth studies, including in seminar-level investigations into Canadian history, gender history, or Indigenous history.

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