Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

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The Medal Recipients

The medals were given to our present and past presidents in recognition of their significant contribution in advancing the study of history in Canada and their commitment to the CHA. Elected by their peers as president, thanks to their solid reputation, they have always served the best interests of the organization and its members.

Lyle Dick 2012-2013                          Mary Lynn Stewart 2009-2011             

Craig Heron 2007-2009                      Margaret Conrad 2005-2007               

Gerald Friesen 2003-2005                  Mary Vipond 2001-2003                     

Chad Gaffield 2000-2001                   Irving Abella 1999-2000*                      

Gregory S. Kealey 1998-1999             Judith Fingard 1997-1998                    

James R. Miller 1996-1997                 Nadia Fahmy-Eid 1995-1996                

James A. Leith 1994-1995                 Veronica Strong-Boag 1993-1994        

Philip Buckner 1992-1993                  Gail Cuthbert Brandt 1991-1992          

Jean-Claude Robert 1989-1990          Cornelius J. Jaenen 1988-1989            

H. Blair Neatby 1987-1988                 René Durocher 1986-1987                   

William Acheson 1985-1986               Susan Mann 1984-1985                       

Ramsay Cook 1983-1984                  John Kendle 1981-1982                       

Robert C. Brown 1979-1980               Desmond P. Morton 1978-1979*           

David M.L. Farr 1977-1978                Margaret E. Prang 1976-1977              

Jacques Monet 1975-1976                Peter B. Waite 1968-1969*

Medals were also given to three long-term volunteers at the CHA for their devotion to our association.

Ray Barker                       Marielle Campeau                     John Smith

* These past presidents are members of the Order of Canada and as such received the Jubilee Medal directly from the Governor General

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