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The 2021 CBHA/ACHA Award for Best Scholarly Article in Canadian Business History

The Canadian Business History Association, Canada’s leading organization for the study of business in Canada, invites submissions for its annual Award for Best Scholarly Article in Canadian Business History.  The prize committee encourages the submission of articles from all methodological perspectives, and from any scholarly journal or journalistic source (provided the article has the necessary diligence and detail). It is particularly interested in innovative studies that have the potential to expand the boundaries of the discipline. Scholars, publishers, journalists and other interested parties may submit nominations. Eligible articles can have either a Canadian or an international focus, which includes a Canadian perspective. They must be written in English or French and be published during the year prior to the award.

To be eligible of the award, the author of the article and/or nominator must be a current member of the CBHA/ACHA. In the event that the article is co-authored, at least one of the authors must be a current member. In the award’s first year (2021), articles from the previous two years of publication may be considered (2019, 2020). The prize includes a certificate, and an announcement in the CBHA/ACHA Prospectus.

Starting in 2021, the prize may be awarded at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association (June), though it may be announced prior to that event.

An electronic copy of the article must accompany a nomination and be submitted to the CBHA/ACHA Prize Coordinator, Professor Dimitry Anastakis, University of Toronto, Department of History, The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2021.

About the CBHA/ACHA:  Created in 2015, the CBHA/ACHA brings together academics from a wide range of disciplines, archivists and business leaders in the common pursuit of advancing the study and understanding of business history in Canada.  Learn more about the CBHA/ACHA at our website,

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