What we do

What we do

The CHA pursues a number of academic and professional activities for the benefit of its members; it sponsors a vast array of publications and represents the interests of historians and the heritage community by actively lobbying archives, museums, governments and granting agencies on issues relating to copyright, access to information, academic freedom and public access to historical documents.

Each year, the CHA meets in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. During the three-day meeting, historians, teachers and students have an opportunity to showcase their research and discuss issues relating to the discipline.

The CHA has a number of affiliated committees that represent historians involved in specialized areas of historical inquiry.


The CHA – The Home for ALL Historians in Canada
The CHA is the only organization representing the interests of all historians in Canada. While the CHA has always been, and will always remain, the premier organisation for those who research, write and teach Canadian history, we have made considerable progress in recent years to be more inclusive of historians practicing fields other thanCanadian history; one issue of the JCHA is dedicated to a non-Canadian theme every year, the CHA publishes, in conjunction with the University of Toronto Press, a series of short books which address themes and issues of international significance, there are an ever increasing number of transnational papers presented at our Annual meeting, and historians of many areas of the globe regularly sit on the Council.

What Can You Do with a History Degree?
The CHA has created a website promoting the usefulness of a history degree in today’s economy.

The 2018 CHA Annual Meeting
The CHA is happy to provide funding to members with accessibility needs and to members who need child care services in order to facilitate their attendance at the meeting. The CHA also offers travel bursaries to students and part-time professors to attend.

The CHA Communication and Truth and Reconciliation Commission Funds
The CHA has created funds for members whoenhance the digital scholarly communication of history in Canada and those who support the Calls to action of the TRC.

Digital Register of Dissertations
The CHA maintains a digital Register of Dissertations that is highly popular with graduate students and researchers and it is an important tool for graduate students entering into Master’s or PhD programs.

Syllabi Central
As you know, the CHA has a new portal which showcases the different methods used by members to teach History. We encourage you to send your syllabus to the CHA to be posted on its website.  

CHA Media List
The CHA has compiled an informal list of professional scholars whose experience and knowledge may be of interest to members of the media for commentary, interviews, editorial and opinion pieces, blog entries, etc., on contemporary and historical issues. Please send an email to mduquet@cha-shc.ca to have your name considered for inclusion on the list or to suggest a subject area that is not yet covered.

Renew your CHA Membership
Please do take a minute to join or renew your membership online or by filling the membership form. Your support is very much appreciated. 

Please spread the good news to your colleagues and support the CHA! 

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