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Marcel Martel

Québec | Bilingualism | Canadian Francophone Communities

Marcel Martel

Commemoration, French Canada Marcel Martel is a professor of history at York University and holds the Avie Bennett Historica Canada Chair in Canadian History. He has researched, among other things, issues such as commemoration, drug regulation, French Canada and Francophone minority communities, Francophone immigration, the RCMP, and internal surveillance, and has often worked with media.

Joel Belliveau

Cultural and political history of Francophone minorities  Joel Belliveau is associate professor at the Laurentian University history department. He specialises in the intellectual, cultural and political history of 19th and 20th century Acadian communities. He has also published on Québec’s Quiet Revolution, the birth of Franco-Ontarian militancy and Catalan nationalism. His first monograph was published …

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Matthew Hayday

Politics, language policy, commemoration, education Matthew Hayday is a political historian who studies bilingualism and language policies, Canada Day and Dominion Day celebrations, nationalism and identity politics, as well as federalism and intergovernmental relations. He has published extensively on the history of official languages and bilingualism in Canada, including the history of French immersion in …

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Patrick Lacroix

French-Canadian migrations and Quebec religious and political history A former Fulbright scholar, Patrick Lacroix specializes in French-Canadian and Acadian migrations. Beyond his research on Franco-American communities and the larger North American francophonie, he studies nineteenth- and twentieth-century Quebec history as the religious and political backdrop to these diasporas. Dr. Lacroix’s work on immigration and minority communities has …

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