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New Opportunities for Graduate Students at University of Victoria

Past Wrongs Future Choices

The Past Wrongs, Future Choices partnership is currently recruiting graduate students to attend the University of Victoria, where they will participate in an international partnership examining the Nikkei experience from a global perspective. We have a particular interest in supporting outstanding students in the disciplines of History and Visual Arts. 

Past Wrongs, Future Choices (PWFC) is a partnership based at the University of Victoria with Co- Directors Audrey Kobayashi and Jordan Stanger-Ross. It includes museums, galleries, community organizations, and scholars across the world. Together, we’re embarking on a partnership to examine the WWII internment, incarceration, and dispossession of people of Japanese descent in allied countries. What do these histories, taken together, teach us today? 

Dedicated fellowships will support graduate students pursuing their own degrees while participating in our partnership. 

Program Details