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Published on: 11 Dec 2018

Call for papers  
Panels on Textual mobility, mobile textualities: translation, history, and text dissemination in the early modern period (June 3-4, 2019) at the Congress of the Canadian Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
In conjunction with Prof. Roger Chartiers plenary address at Congress, we will be organizing a series of joint panels between the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies, the Canadian Historical Association, the Canadian Association for Translation Studies, the Bibliographical Society of Canada, and the Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture on the interlinked issues of translation, cultural history, and text circulation in the early modern period. Topics may include, but are not limited to:
International circulation of texts by means of translation, adaptation, edition and re-edition, etc;
Textual and human mobility: the role of intellectual, diplomatic, intra- or interconfessional exchanges; agents and networks of textual dissemination; travelling books, writings, and narratives;
Material translations and transformations: manuscript and print, the spoken and the written word, the page and the stage; textual layout, editorial arrangement, re-packaging, staging, and adaptation strategies for imported and translated books;
The digital turn in the history of books, translation, and text circulation; challenges and opportunities of mobile textualities for reading, researching, and teaching the early modern archive; digital resources for the history of translation, text dissemination, and underlying human and material networks;
Towards a historiography of mobile texts? Transnational approaches in literary, cultural, and material history; disciplinary intersections between translation history, early modern studies, cultural history, book studies; new avenues of research, etc.
For more information: https://csrs-scer.com/2018/12/04/call-for-papers/
Please send 150-word abstracts to marie-alice.belle@umontreal.ca<mailto:marie-alice.belle@umontreal.ca> by Jan 10, 2019.

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