Call for Posters & Digital Projects

Published on: 25 Feb 2020

Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting
Western University
London, Ontario
1-3 June 2020

The Program Committee of the 2020 meeting of the CHA invites proposals in English or French for an experimental “posters and digital projects” session at the conference.

The Canadian Historical Association traditionally holds a poster session during its annual meeting. Members have found this to be a great opportunity to display their project-based work – in particular work that involves visual evidence – in a format and at a venue that is interactive and collegial. This year, we will look to expand this session, to allow for either posters or digital projects which can be showcased on a laptop or tablet, or with a digital projector. The session will be held at lunchtime on Wednesday, 3 June. 

Proposal Submission:

Proposals should include

·       a title, with clear reference to whether this is a poster or a digital project,

·       an abstract of no more than 250 words,

·       if a digital project, an outline as to your technical needs, and

·       a 1-page c.v. that includes contact information and affiliation,

all compiled in a single PDF and emailed to cha.shc.2020@uwo.ca by 27 March 2020.

All who make submissions will be notified by 6 April 2020. She Program Committee will accept only one poster or digital project proposal per individual. Presenters must be members of the CHA and must be able to attend the special session in person.

Further information:

·       All presenters will be given access to some table and wall space. Presenters are encouraged to produce handouts, so that those who see your exhibit can take something away.

·       Poster presenters will also be provided with an easel. Posters should be no larger than 36” x 48”. Useful guides for designing posters may be found at American Historical Association https://www.historians.org/annual-meeting/resources-and-guides/poster-resources and Le Réseau de l’Université du Québec http://ptc.uquebec.ca/affiche/creation-dune-affiche/bonnes-pratiques

·       Digital project presenters will be provided with internet access, but are expected to bring their own laptop or tablet. Western University will attempt to provide monitors, digital projectors, and other requested equipment, as available.

Be fun, be creative, be seen!

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