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Published on: 24 Jul 2018




The Canadian Historical Association, in partnership with EF Education First’s Go Ahead Tours, is looking to put together a travel program, offering a history-based tour hosted by a member of the CHA, open to members of the CHA, their family and friends and anyone who is interested in attending the tour.

EF Education First is the world’s largest privately held international education company that focuses on language, academics and cultural experiences. EF’s mission is to open the world through education. 

With a mission to open the world through education, EF was founded in 1965. Though hard to imagine today, travelling abroad was a radical concept in 1965. EF provides life-changing education for global citizens. For over 50 years, our mission and passion are one and the same: to give confidence and freedom to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds by breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. EF combines language training with cultural exchange, academic achievement and educational travel to deliver programs that transform dreams into international opportunities. Even more, we’re committed to making a positive contribution to the global community through key partnerships, support for good causes and cutting-edge research into improving the way people learn. 

Dedicated to providing authentic cultural experiences across all seven continents, EF Go Ahead Tours’ broad range of trips includes multi-city journeys across continents and countries, as well as leisurely one-city immersions in top European capitals. Led by local historians, wildlife guides, chefs, and other experts, every tour’s daily activities give travelers an in-depth look into a destination’s culture, whether it’s pizza-making in Naples or toucan-spotting in Costa Rica.

Wherever travelers choose to venture, they can count on a comprehensive tour package that includes transportation, accommodations, meals, and a knowledgeable tour director with the group the entire tour—all priced at an exceptional value.

General Guidelines:

The proposals should be written under a few general guidelines and should answer to the following criteria:

Sample itineraries:

Submission Instructions: Proposals can be written in either French or English and must be sent in before September 3rdat 11:59pm to: M Duquet, mduquet@cha-shc.ca. These must contain your name, surname, institutional affiliation, a short autobiography of your research and academic background. Only CHA members can apply.

The winning proposal will work with our expert team at EF Go Ahead Tours to design and curate the perfect itinerary and you’ll be able to inspire others to share in the adventure. The winner will host this curated CHA tour and travel with the group on this tour entirely for free, including airfare, as long as the minimum number of 14 travellers is met.

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