The CHA's Response to the Precarious Historical Instructors’ Manifesto

Published on: 5 Mar 2020

On 20 February, a group of precariously employed historians posted a manifesto on the Active History site (http://activehistory.ca/2020/02/precarious-historical-instructors-manifesto/).  It describes a “crisis in working conditions” for those history professionals who are employed in a short-term, precarious capacity, and makes three key institutional recommendations for regularizing precarious positions, including precarious historians in decision-making, and accepting responsibility for the perpetuation of precarious positions.

It also makes a number of calls to action directed specifically at professional associations.

Members of the CHA Council and Executive have read the manifesto with interest, and have established a sub-committee to examine and highlight the progress that has already been made toward addressing the concerns expressed in the calls to action, and to consider ways in which we can continue to work towards limiting precarity, and limiting the high professional and emotional cost of such employment. 

Working both as a professional association, and together with other scholarly associations and funding agencies, we are committed to reducing the dire effects, both on our profession and on our members, of precarious employment.

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