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Published on: 21 Mar 2019

UA is looking for judges in the history category

UA is the world’s largest global undergraduate academic awards programme. A non-profit organisation initially founded in Ireland, we discover excellence at the undergraduate level by inviting the world’s best students to submit their coursework. There are 25 award categories, and we invite experts to assess students' work in each.

The "History" category at UA is an essay-based category. Students submitting their coursework to this category will upload an abstract describing their project, and then accompany this with the essay that was assessed in their respective universities. Judges who act as volunteers for UA then assess this coursework via our online grading platform, in accordance with our assistive Judging criteria and guidelines, ultimately determining which projects should be awarded UA's Highly Commended award, and which project deserves to be named the prestigious "Global Winner." We refer to this period of assessment, which takes place over the course of June-September, as the "Judging Process." During the Judging Process, assignments are split between panellists and grading is divided into Stages in order to keep the task of grading from becoming too laborious. If you would like further information on the Judging Process or each of these Stages, please just let me know, and I'll be happy to send on further information in the form of a PDF document.

Acting as a Judge for UA allows academics to meet colleagues in their panel from all over the world, and it also exposes Judges to some of the best undergraduate student coursework in their field. This exposure can be particularly advantageous for individuals working in academia or intending to work in academia. We primarily accept Judges who are professors, lecturers, tutorial assistants, PhD candidates, and professional experts outside of the arena of academia.

There are currently some vacancies available on our History panel, which is Chaired this year by Prof. Kyung-Sook Shin of Yonsei University and the Korean Association of Feminist Scholars in English Literature.

Judges Information package 

Application Form to be a judge https://iuawards.wufoo.com/forms/zljo1fg00homaw/  

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