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Catherine Larochelle

The Neil Sutherland Article Prize


Catherine Larochelle, translated by Robert Twiss, “Empire, Colonialism, and Place-Attachment in Young Minds: Quebec Students’ Imaginative Travels in the Age of the New Imperialism,” Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth16:2 (Winter 2023), 70-91.

Larochelle’s article is a model of historical research about children and youth. Her work prioritizes the children’s voices, valuing their contribution to the historical record and taking their perspectives seriously without romanticizing their experiences. Larochelle’s meticulous attention to her sources and ability to engage with wide-ranging scholarship are impressive. Her conclusion is particularly thought-provoking and displays the kind of intellectual honesty and curiosity that historians should always value.


Mona Gleason, ““Children Obviously Don’t Make History”: Historical Significance and Children’s Modalities of Power,” Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, 16:3 (Fall 2023), 343-360.

Gleason’s work is an important contribution to the international historiography on the history of childhood and youth and engages in recent debates about the legitimacy of the field as a whole. Responding to questions about children’s place in history and their ability to affect historical change, Gleason nimbly answers with an analytical framework that historians of children and youth will be contemplating and applying for the foreseeable future.