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Chad Gaffield, John Hare, Marc Lafrance & David-Thierry Ruddel, Yvan Lamonde & Raymond Montpetit, Catherine McClelland, Agnes O’Dea & Anne Alexander, Okanagan Historical Society, Nancy Z. Tausky & Lynne D. Disefano, Peter Thomas, Paul Thistle, Richard Wil

The Clio Prizes


The Atlantic Region
Agnes O’Dea & Anne AlexanderBibliography of Newfoundland
Richard Wilbur & Ernest WentworthSilver Harvest, The Fundy Weirman’s Story
Peter ThomasStrangers from a Secret Land. The Voyages of the Brig “Albion” and the Founding of the first Welsh Settlements in Canada

John Hare, Marc Lafrance & David-Thierry RuddelHistoire de la ville de Québec, 1608-1871
Yvan Lamonde & Raymond MontpetitLe parc Sohmer de Montréal 1889-1919. Un lieu populaire de culture urbaine

Nancy Z. Tausky & Lynne D. DisefanoVictorian Architecture in London and South Western Ontario: Symbols of Aspiration
Chad Gaffield, Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict

Lifetime Achivement Award
Ontario Historical Society 

The Prairies Region
Paul ThistleIndian-European Relations in the Lower Saskatchewan River Region to 1840

Lifetime Achivement Award
Alberta Historical Society 

British Columbia and the Yukon
Catherine McClellandPart of the Land. Part of the Water. A History of the Yukon Indians

Lifetime Achivement Award
Okanagan Historical Society