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Daniel Manulak

Daniel Manulak

Political History Prize Best Article (English Language)


Daniel Manulak, “’An African Representative’: Canada, the Third World, and South African Apartheid, 1984-1990,” The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History  (June 2021), 1-32.

This first-rate example of international history uses interviews with some of the key actors and archival sources from three continents to show “the efforts of the African ‘Frontline States’ to enlist the diplomatic support of so-called ‘middle powers’ in the mid-late 1980s — mainly Canada — in the global struggle against South African apartheid.”  At the same time, it examines why the Mulroney government participated in the fight to dismantle “South Africa’s racial order.”  In so doing, this well-written article challenges and expands some ideas about Canada’s actions in the world.