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David Thompson

David Thompson

Best Article Prize in Labour History


David Thompson, “’More Sugar, Less Salt’: Edith Hancox and the Passionate Mobilization of the Dispossessed, 1919-1928,” Labour/Le Travail, 85 (Spring 2020): 127-163.

Meticulously researched, elegantly written, and conceptually imaginative, David Thompson’s detailed reconstruction of the origins and activism of Winnipeg’s Edith Hancox is a major accomplishment. In addressing the only woman known to have spoken before the massive Labor Church congregations meeting during the Winnipeg General Strike, Thompson adds a new dimension to that well-studied event in Canadian working-class studies. He reveals how Hancox’s socialist feminism complicates our understandings of both socialist organization and women’s particular contribution to struggles of the dispossessed in the 1920s. Recovering a long-obscured history, Thompson’s account is a testimony to how diligent research and imaginative interpretation can infuse new meaning into the subject of labour history.