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Eric M. Adams & Jordan Stanger-Ross

Eric M. Adams Jordan Stanger Ross

Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism Article Prize


Eric M. Adams & Jordan Stanger-Ross, « Promises of Law: The Unlawful Dispossession of Japanese Canadians ». Osgoode Hall Law Journal, 54:3 (Spring 2017).

This article examines ‘a largely forgotten legal promise’, and in doing so, it offers a rich analysis of the law, bureaucracy, and the archives as multi-vocal sites of contestation.  Exploring the promise and violation of the federal government’s protection of Japanese Canadians’ property during the Second World War, the authors outline both how the law can be used as a force of injustice and as a site of resistance.  The authors use an intriguing approach about aspiration and reality in discriminatory legal system.