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Helen Mary Dewar

Helen Mary Dewar

The John Bullen Prize


Helen Mary Dewar. ¨Y establir nostre auctorité ¨: Assertions of Imperial Sovereignty through Proprietorships and Chartered Companies in New France, 1598-1663¨. History Department –University of Toronto, 2012.

Helen Mary Dewar opens new perspectives on the history of the first decades of New France by inscribing this troubled period in the Atlantic context, from a perspective of the construction of the modern state and the French empire. By adroitly analyzing the designs and the exercise of authority and power entrusted to trading companies, she reconstructs the transatlantic networks of influence and skillfully weaves the complex web of tensions that are played out at the Royal Court and in the courts of provincial justice. This thesis has the potential to transform the interpretation generally advanced for the period 1598-1663 with regards to New France.

Honourable Mention
Ian Mosby, “”Food Will Win the War” : The Politics and Culture of Food and Nutrition During the Second World War “. History Department – York University.
Ian Mosby through a challenging study of nutrition during the Second World War, contributes significantly to the history of the welfare state, but also to the history of ideas and expertise. From a corpus of diverse sources, it addresses the home front very broadly, from multiple points of view. Written a lively and engaging style, in addition to being a wonderful example of the use of iconographic sources, this thesis will certainly attract a readership beyond the historical profession.