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Holly Karibo

Holly Karibo

Prize for Best article on the history of Sexuality


Holly Karibo. “Detroit’s Border Brothel: Sex Tourism in Windsor, Ontario, 1945-60,” American Review of Canadian Studies 40 (September 2010).

Engaging and extending current theoretical writing on ‘borderlands,’ Karibo deftly analyzes a range of sources, from newspapers to police records, to map how divergent groups of people crossed Windsor’s liminal threshold to refashion what were always fluid sexual identities. At the same time, Karibo is critical of fixed, one-dimensional boundaries between the licit and illicit, or between borderlands and their interiors, arguing these fail to capture the historical complexities of power and the lived experience of sex tourists who travelled to Ontario’s “sin city.” The CCHS selection committee calls Karibo’s article a “captivating interweaving of events and eras” and “a refreshing approach to sex and place.” Our congratulations to Holly!