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Julien Mauduit

Julien Mauduit

The Jean-Marie Fecteau Prize


Julien Mauduit, « L’économie politique des patriotes, entre capitalisme et socialisme ». Bulletin d’histoire politique, volume 25, numéro 2, hiver 2017.

The jury for the Jean-Marie Fecteau Prize of the CHA unanimously decided to award the 2018 prize to Mr. Julien Mauduit for his article entitled “ L’économie politique des patriotes, entre capitalisme et socialisme”. Of the excellent papers received this year, Mauduit’s article stands out for its great quality and the innovative nature of its thesis. In Canadian and Quebec historiography, one can argue that few events in the 19th century have been studied as much as the Rebellions of 1837-1838. For generations of Francophone and Anglophone historians alike, the political economy of the Patriotes in Lower Canada has even become a historiographical and ideological battleground. Revisiting this subject with a new approach and meticulously documented research, Julien Mauduit demonstrates that far from being contradictory, the economic vision of the Patriotes was aligned with their republicanism and adherence to the liberalism of their time. By adopting a comparative approach that underlined the similarities between Upper and Lower Canadian Republicans, as well as their common fight for free trade and the abolition of monopolistic privileges, Mauduit makes a significant contribution to the history of the republican political movements that led to the uprising in both colonies.