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Kassandra Luciuk

Kassandra Luciuk

The Jean-Marie Fecteau Prize


Kassandra Luciuk.  “More Dangerous Than Many a Pamphlet or Propaganda Book: the Ukrainian Canadian Left, Theatre, and Propaganda in the 1920s”. Labour / Le Travail 83 (Spring 2019), pp. 77-103.

Kassandra Luciuk’s article pulls together the left, labour, ethnicity, and cultural histories in this discussion of the Ukrainian Labour Farmer Temple Association’s theatre programme in the years of state repression following the First World War and the labour revolt of 1919. With fine detail and deep analysis, Luciuk engages in a meticulous reading of RCMP sources to describe several productions to show how drama was used to entertain, educate, and agitate large audiences.

Honourable Mention

François Dominic Laramée. “Migration and the French Colonial Atlantic as Imagined by the Periodical Press, 1740-61.” Journal of European Periodical Studies 4.1 (Summer 2019), pp. 78-98.

François Dominic Laramée employs data mining techniques to analyse mentions of American colonies in three French Periodicals in the mid-eighteenth century. Pulling data from 75,000 pages of text, Laramée shows that discussion of the Americas offered little incentive for French readers to move across the Atlantic (in contrast to would-be colonists from the British Isles, Spain, Portugal, or the Netherlands). The analysis, presented in text and six figures makes for an engaging and solid application of digital methods to historical research.