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Maureen K. Lux

Maureen K. Lux

The Indigenous History Book Prize


Maureen K. LuxSeparate Beds:  A History of Indian Hospitals in Canada, 1920s-1980s. Toronto: UTP, 2016.

Separate Beds brings together the perspectives of hospital survivors with the stark reality found in the archive, telling a grim story of institutional racism with compassion, while also emphasizing the strength and resolution of Indigenous communities to manage their own health care to create a better, more equal society.

Shortlisted Books
Jean BarmanAbenaki Daring: The Life and Writings of Noel Annance, 1792-1869. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016.
Brian D. McInnesSounding Thunder: The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow. Winnipeg: UMP, 2016.
Helen Raptis with members of the Tsimshian Nation, What We Learned: Two Generations Reflect on Tsimishian Education and the Day Schools. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2016.