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Michel Dahan

Michel Dahan

Best Scholarly Article in Canadian Business History


Michel Dahan, « Tout le monde voyage » : l’agence Hone & Rivet et les débuts de l’industrie touristique au Canada (1894–1939).” (Volume 102, Issue 3, September 2021, 365-389).

The Jury was very impressed with the article, and their deliberations included commentary such as, “This is a completely original article based mostly on archival sources, looking at the networks that enabled Canadians to travel in Europe. Its main historical significance is revealing the transnational linkages shaping Canadian tourism in Europe at this time, as well as the business enterprise that enabled such travel.”  This was an excellent contribution to Canadian business history, Quebec history, and social and cultural history as well, and we were thrilled that the article was submitted to the Association for its Best Article Prize.