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Peter Price

Peter Price

Political History Prize Best Article (English Language)


Peter Price. “Fashioning a Constitutional Narrative: John S. Ewart and the Development of a ‘Canadian Constitution’”. Canadian Historical Review : 93.3 (2012).

In a cogently argued and well-written article, Peter Price analyses lawyer John S. Ewart’s efforts to craft and popularize a constitutional narrative supporting an independent Canadian nationalism. Price demonstrates the importance of competing constitutional narratives in debates about politics and identity in Canada. In drawing upon the work of political scientists, historians, and legal scholars, and from his careful analysis of Ewart’s personal correspondence and publications, Price shows how Ewart resisted the hegemony of British imperialism. Price thus breathes new life into debates about the constitution, and invites scholars to re-visit this subject in their considerations of national identity, state formation, and attitudes towards the British Empire.