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Sarah Hunt Tłaliłila’ogwa

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The Hilda Neatby Prize English Article


Sarah Hunt Tłaliłila’ogwa, “Looking for Lucy Homiskanis, Confronting Emily Carr: Restorying Nature, Gender, and Belonging on the Northwest Coast” BC Studies no. 117 (Spring 2023): 7-33.

The Hilda Neatby Prize Committee is honoured to recognize Sarah Hunt’s article, centered around two women:  her ancestor Lucy Homiskanis and artist Emily Carr. Through her search for Lucy, Hunt reclaims Indigenous women’s voices, which are so often erased within the colonial archive, while her critique of Carr’s art deplores its selective use by museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. Drawing on both archival sources and oral history, Hunt’s article is written in an accessible and beautiful style. In “re-storying” the Northwest coast, she artfully links public and academic historical perspectives and engages with Indigenous studies, anthropology, ecology, and politics, as well as cultural and art history.