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Sean Mills

Sean Mills

Political History Prize Best Article (English Language)


Sean Mills, “Quebec, Haiti, and the Deportation Crisis of 1974” (Histoire sociale / Social History,94.3, September 2013)

In a thoughtful and well-written article, Sean Mills examines the controversy caused by the threatened deportation of several hundred Haitians from Quebec in 1974.  Drawing upon a rich and diverse set of primary sources, Mills takes a fresh look at this understudied yet important controversy.  He demonstrates how the lobbying efforts of various groups helped to create space in the public sphere for the idea that the Haitians were ideal francophone immigrants for modern Quebec.  Further, Mills shows how Haitians themselves resisted deportation by drawing upon the long relationship between Quebec and Haiti, and by arguing that Canada’s exploitive treatment of Haiti was typical of how industrialized nations treated the global south.  In describing this incident, Mills adds considerably to our knowledge of the histories of deportation, the public sphere, and the entangled histories of Canada, Quebec, and Haiti.