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Will Langford

Will Langford

Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism Article Prize


Will Langford, “Apartheid Internationalism: Canadian Activism in Defence of White Rule in Southern Africa, 1965–94,” Canadian Historical Review104, no. 2 (2023).

Will Langford delivers a fascinating and thoughtful study of the Canadian men and women who supported white rule in South Africa and Rhodesia. In detailing the actors and organizations that comprised this transnational network of white supremacy, Langford convincingly argues that internationalism was not the sole domain of the left; it was also a key feature of far-right politics. Langford’s research makes a significant contribution to the study of Canadian racism, anti-communism, authoritarianism, and their links with right-wing ideologies around the world, in the process demonstrating the rich potential for further study in this domain.