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CHA Journal

Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Benjamin Bryce, University of British Columbia 

Nicole Neatby, St. Mary’s University
Donna Trembinski, St. Francis Xavier University
Robert Englebert, University of Saskatchewan

Junior Editor
Ryan Sun

The Journal of the Canadian Historical Association / Revue de la Société historique du Canadais published by the Canadian Historical Association with the financial assistance of the history department at the University of British Columbia. It was formally named Report of the Annual Meeting / Rapports annuels de la Société historique du Canada (1922-1965) and Historical Papers (1966-1989). Since its inception, the Journal has published the best substantive articles on original historical research that have been presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association and submitted to the Editorial Board. The editors also accept submissions that have not been presented at the Annual Meeting. The Journal publishes papers in both English and French, covering all fields and methods of historical research. Authors may submit a paper to the JCHA at any time here.

Visit our online forum, www.HistoryJournal.ca, to learn more about our articles and authors and what historians in Canada are up to!

Editorial Committee

Mary Anne Poutanen, McGill University, Concordia University
Andrew Nurse, Mount Allison University

Crystal Gail Fraser, University of Alberta
Cheryl Thompson, Toronto Metropolitain University
Funké Aladejebi, University of Toronto
Jeremy Maron, Canadian Museum for Human Rights 
Anthony Steinhoff, Université du Québec à Montréal

Daniel Ross, Université du Québec à Montréal
Laila Haderali, Queen’s University
Stephanie Bangarth, King’s College at Western University
Helen Dewar, Université de Montréal

All submissions can be made online at https://jcha-rshc.ca/index.php/jcha/about/submissions. Any questions can be sent to the editor-in-chief of the journal, Dr. Benjamin Bryce at ben.bryce@ubc.ca.   

JCHA Table of Contents: 1922-1994 

JCHA Subject Index: 1922-1994