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Engaged | Engagés – A CHA Webinar Series: Rethinking History in Canada Roundtable Series I: Women, Gender & Sexuality


The CHA’s Rethinking History in Canada Roundtable Series

To mark the CHA’s centenary, we have organized an ambitious 3-part programme that will offer a space of sustained reflection on our discipline’s past, present, and future. A committee, headed by Dr. Allyson Stevenson, has planned a round-table series for the Winter Term to kick off our “Rethinking History in Canada” 100th Anniversary programming.  The round-table series will consist of three webinars focusing on the themes of Women, Gender & Sexuality, Indigenous Experiences/Decolonization, and BIPOC Experiences.  In this series, presenters have been invited to speak about their experiences in the profession, association, undertaking their research or other topics of their choosing in relation to these themes. We have envisioned this as an opportunity for honest, critical conversations. This is part of the CHA’s wider effort to step-back, to consider issues of structures of power and exclusion within the profession.

The participants in the first webinar in the series were:

Stephen High, CHA President
Allyson Stevenson, Roundtable Series’ Organizer

Chair : Adele Perry Participants : Kim Anderson, Veronica Strong-Boag, Linda Kealey, Valerie Korinek, Steven Maynard, Joan Sangster, Rebecka Sheffield, Taylor Starr.

The webinar is available on the CHA YouTube channel.