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Historians’ Corner – February 2021

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GuelphRural Women’s Studies Association Triennial Conference 
A Virtual Conference hosted by the University of Guelph – May 11-15, 2021
“Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum”

The RWSA is an international association to advance farm and rural women’s/gender studies in historical perspective. Join us as we share knowledge about rural women, food, and other issues on the table: activism, feminism, social justice, mental health, innovation, community development, and cultural expression, — both historical and contemporary — locally and globally. Keynote speaker Dr. Kim Anderson will be presenting on Indigenous “Kitchen Table Methodologies” and the work coming out of her Kitchen Table research lab.  For more information on the conference visit: https://www.rwsa2021.uoguelph.ca.

Prof. Brittany Luby published her first academic book, Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory. She had already published an illustrated children’s book, Encounter, with Penguin-Random House in 2019.

The department was deeply saddened by the passing of Emeritus Professor David Murray in October. A scholar of Canadian, Caribbean and Latin American history, and former Dean of the College of Arts, David continued to be a very active, involved and supportive member of the department after his retirement in 2007.

Can Heritage Photo“Digitization of the Photographs of British Columbia by George Hunter, RCA” images are now available!
The entire collection is available through our digital collections site: https://www.thechpf.com/digital-collections as well as selected images available through our Photo Gallery on our website: https://www.thechpf.com/photo-gallery.

SaskThe Faculty in the Department of History at the University of Saskatchewan have published five new books:

Angela KalinowskiMemory, Family, and Community in Roman Ephesos. Cambridge University Press, 2021.

Kathryn Magee LabelleDaughter of Aataentsic: Life Stories from Seven Generations. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2021.

Frank Klaassen and Sharon Hubbs WrightThe Magic of Rogues: Necromancers in Early Tudor England. Penn State University Press, 2021.

Benjamin HoyA Line of Blood and Dirt: Creating the Canada-United States Border across Indigenous Lands. Oxford University Press, 2021.

Erika Dyck and Maureen LuxChallenging Choices: Canada’s Population Control in the 1970s. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020.

Assistant Professor Ashleigh Androsoff in our department was recently awarded Governor General’s History Award for her innovative Doukhobor project, which you can read more about here.

CJHThis year’s winner of the Canadian Journal of History‘s Linda F. Dietz Graduate Essay Prize is Nico Mara-McKay for “Witchcraft Pamphlets at the Dawn of the Scottish Enlightenment,” which will appear in an upcoming issue of CJH.

Graphic Collective

The Graphic History Collective, which includes CHA members Sean Carleton and Julia Smith, received the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies book prize for 1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike (Between the Lines, 2019), written with artist David Lester.



Mount Royal

The Humanities department has adopted an Indigenous course requirement as part of the core program requirements for all students in the History BA and BA Honours degrees. This change, supported in part through the introduction of new curricula on Indigenous history, serves the goal in MRU’s Indigenous Strategic Plan to “develop Indigenous content courses in each program and faculty that meet the graduation requirement.”



Cahill Feb 2021



Barry Cahill is working on a biography of Norman McLeod Rogers.





AlbertaMargriet J. Haagsma, 2020. “Colliding Cultures and Fading Ideals: Discrimination against women in early 20th century Classical Archaeology”.  Journal of Greek Archaeology 5. 630-640. This is a review article about an alumna (1930) of the University of Alberta, her UofA professors, and her subsequent career.

Beverly Lemire, Laura Peers & Anne Whitelaw, eds., Object Lives and Global Histories in Northern North America: Material Culture in Motion, c. 1780-1980. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2021. 1-450.
Through close, collaborative study, local and distant colleagues explored the power of objects, arising from Indigenous creation and resistance, amidst colonial and imperial projects. This study gives nuance to global and imperial histories. Contributors re-envision the histories of northern North America by focusing on the lives of things flowing to and from this vast region, showing how material culture is a critical link tying this diverse landscape to the wider world. This volume arose from the work of a 12-member team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars. Partner institutions were the University of Alberta, the McCord Museum, Montreal and the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University.

Activities that are underway or upcoming include: 

Hostile Terrain 94 exhibit  
FAB Gallery at the University of Alberta will host the upcoming Hostile Terrain 94 exhibit which will run from February 23 – March 19. Hostile Terrain 94 is a global participatory art exhibition organized by historian Jaymie Heilman. The exhibition aims to illuminate the humanitarian crisis that has been occurring at the United State/Mexico border since 1994. The Hostile Terrain 94 exhibition is composed of approximately 3,200 individually handwritten toe tags – each tag carries the names and available information about individuals who died attempting to cross the Sonoran Desert of Arizona from 1994 through 2019.

University of Alberta History, Classics, and Religion Grade Students Association Conference
Organized around the theme of “Restrictions: Avenues of Limitation and Possibility,” this conference will take place from March 18-21, 2021. Call for papers.

Past events worth noting include:

In October, the Department of History and Classics and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study hosted an event organized by historian David Marples titled The Campaign of the “Fighting Women”: The Belarus Election of 2020 and its Aftermath. Moderated by Dr. Marples, the event featured Veranika Tsapkalo with panelists Nelly Bekus and Maryna Maskaliova.


Our new HIST 320 Rise of Modern Capitalism course, created and taught by Professor Howard Hisdal, is going over well with the Bachelor of Business Administration Students at Okanagan College.  Arts and Science students make up just over half the class showing that it has some universal appeal.  Howard is using Joyce Appleby’s The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism, as the main text, supplemented by Niall Kishtainy’s A Little History of Economics. The course starts in the fifteenth century with the voyages of exploration and goes on to the present and space exploration. Joyce Appleby writes that to start the story of capitalism with the Industrial Revolution “is to start an account of a pregnancy in the fifth month.” The course looks at capitalism not as an inevitable result of the flow of history, but as a cultural divergence that occurred first in one country and then was copied and modified.



Matt CHR



The Canadian Historical Review’s December 2020 issue features a special Historical Perspectives section on Digital History in Canada, featuring contributions from Chad Gaffield, Kim Martin, Ian Milligan, Kris Inwood and Peter Baskerville.





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Michael Boudreau, “He Was Always A Mental Defect”: Psychiatric Conversations and the Execution of Bennie Swim in New Brunswick, 1922, Journal of New Brunswick Studies, Vol. 12 (Fall 2020): 25-43.

Michael Boudreau, with Bonnie Huskins, “Widows”, in Daily Life of Women: An Encyclopedia from Ancient Times to the Present (3 volumes), Colleen Boyett et al , eds. (Greenwood, 2020), 783-784.

Robert Englebert and Andrew Wegmann, eds. French Connections: Cultural Mobility in North America and the Atlantic World, 1600-1875. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2020. (Nov. 2020).

Jeremy Milloy and Joan Sangster, eds. The Violence of Work: New Essays in Canadian and U.S. Labour History. University of Toronto Press, 2020.

Rishi SinghSikh Heritage: History Of Valour And Devotion. Roli Books, 2021.

Karen MarreroDetroit’s Hidden Channels: The Power of French-Indigenous Families in the Eighteenth Century. Michigan State University Press & University of Manitoba Press, 2020.

T. Joseph ScanlonCatastrophe: Stories and Lessons from the Halifax Explosion. Roger Sarty (Editor), Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2020.