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CHA-GSC Guide to Teaching Assistants in History

ta_guide_2.pngWelcome to the new edition of the guide.

The Graduate Students’ Committee of the Canadian Historical Association wishes to extend their thanks to the authors, compilers, editors, typists, and designers that have contributed to this document over the years. John Lutz, George Young, Jenny Cook, and Peter MacLeod authored the original edition, which was published in 1992. In order to compile the work, they drew upon the assistance of numerous teaching centres and individuals at universities from across North America. In addition, Dr. Andy Farquharson of the University of Victoria Learning and Teaching Centre was generous with his time and resources. The newly revised edition was co-ordinated and edited by Lesley Erickson at the University of Calgary. Lesley Erickson and Roland Longpré handled layout and design, while Tammy Nemeth arranged for the printing and distribution of the project in Ottawa. In addition to financial assistance, the staff and council of the Canadian Historical Association generously allowed us the use of their facilities. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas, criticisms, and feedback. The 2009 edition was revised by Heather Steel, Jenny Ellison, Nathan Smith, Matt Trudgen, Julie Perron, and Olivier Côté and put online by Jonathan Crossen.


This is an evolving document that represents the contributions of teaching assistants,faculty, and students. Your suggestions and feedback are welcome and will be incorporated into future editions. Please send your comments to the CHA office.

ISBN: 0-88798-176-3

© 1992, Second Edition 2002, Third Edition 2009 Graduate Students’ Committee of the Canadian Historical Association Comité des étudiant/es diplômé/es de La Société historique du Canada.

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