Teaching and Learning at the CHA Annual Meeting

Published on May 30, 2019

The CHA Annual Meeting will happen in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, June 3rd to 5th, 2019, and if you want a game plan for hitting as many Teaching and Learning panels as possible, here it is!

First off, once you’ve registered for the conference, download the Chameleon Event App so you can access the program from your smart phone and be aware of the most up-to-date information available about each session.

Then, while we’re sure a lot of the sessions will touch on questions of Teaching and Learning, here’s a rundown of ones that will be of particular interest.  There’s something each day and June 5th is the Big One, with a full day of sessions and some choices to make. Be aware that one of the choices on June 5th requires pre-registration (Session 140)!

Monday June 3

3:30-5:00pm PDT BUCH D 222
Session 41
Treaty Talks: Engaging Non-Indigenous Canadians with the Past and Present of Treaties 
This session features three papers about Learning in a broad sense.  Alison Norman (Trent and Ontario Ministry of Indigenous Affairs) will talk about “How Ontarians are Learning that ‘We are all Treaty People,’”; Heidi Bohaker (U of Toronto) will discuss, “Learning to Listen in Anishinaabe Law,”; and Laura Murray (Queen’s) will talk about “Doing Treaty History at Home.”

Tuesday June 4

8:30-10:00am PDT BUCH D 317   
Session 52
Teaching Public History 
This session features three papers about the value of teaching undergraduates to think about public history interpretation.  Jordan Baker (Nipissing) will discuss “Public History Interpretation Strategies,”; Jennifer Bonnell and Audrey Pyée (York) will talk about “The Value of Public History Placements,”; and Rhonda Hinther (Brandon) will talk about “Public History at Brandon. 

Wednesday June 5

Spend your morning in SWNG 405 with this important TRC Workshop/Roundtable:

8:45-10:15am PDT SWNG 405
Session 100
TRC Workshop – Roundtable – Special Session: Teaching and Learning after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission 

10:30-12:00pm PDT SWNG 405 
Session 112
TRC Workshop – Roundtable –Teaching and Professional Practice/ Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous People and Politics 
The first roundtable will feature Keith Carlson (U of Saskatchewan), Michael Marker (UBC), Jeannie Morgan (Simon Fraser), Paige Raibmon (UBC), Martha Walls (Mount Saint Vincent).

The second will feature Sarah De Leeuw (U of Northern BC), Krista McCracken (Algoma), Magdalena Milosz (McGill), Brenda Trofanenko (Acadia), Karen Bridget Murray (York), Jacqueline Woods (U of Saskatchewan), Sean Carleton (Mount Royal), Clinton Debogorski (U of Toronto).

Then migrate to BUCH D 316 for:

1:30-3:00pm PDT BUCH D 316
Session 126
Open Educational Resources (OER) and Classroom
Conversations about History 
This session will feature John Douglas Belshaw (Open Learning, Thompson Rivers), Amanda Coolidge (Senior Manager of Open Education at BCcampus), Peggy French (Program Manager with eCampusOntario), Sean Kheraj (York), and Thomas Peace (Huron)

At this point, choices must be made.  Will you continue the conversation in BUCH D 316 with (Note: this requires pre-registration: https://www.huronresearch.ca/history/oercha2019/)
3:30-5:00pm PDT BUCH D 316
Session 140
Creating Open Educational Resources (OER) to Cultivate Conversations across Time, Place, and Culture 
This workshop will continue with John Douglas Belshaw (Open Learning, Thompson Rivers), Peggy French (Program Manager with eCampusOntario), Sean Kheraj (York), and Thomas Peace (Huron).

Or go back to SWNG 405 for the final segment of the TRC Workshop:

3:45pm-5:15pm PDT SWNG 405
Session 141
TRC Workshop – Roundtable: Teaching and Professional Practice/ Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous People and Politics

This third roundtable will feature Antje Ellermann (UBC), Nicole Bernhardt (York), Laura Pin (York), Rhiannon Klein (Yukon), Kent den Heyer (Alberta), Derek Murray (Victoria), Sujata Thapa-Battarai (U of Toronto), James Fitzgerald (York), and David Gaertner (UBC).

Feel free to tweet your thoughts about #Teaching or #T&L at #CHASHC2019 and @CarlyCiufo and I (@danielle_kinsey) will be doing the same!


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