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Engaged | Engagés – A CHA Webinar Series


The CHA has organised a series of webinars to provide a virtual discussion forum for historians. The hope is that the series will become a great forum of exchanges over time.

You can see the series on the CHA YouTube Channel.

Engaged | Engagés – A CHA Webinar Series:

Decolonization I: Indigenizing the Teaching of History 

Decolonization II: Indigenizing the Teaching of North American History

Precarity I: Precarious Historians, Diversity & Inclusion, and History Departments

Precarity II: Precarious Historians, Trade Unions & the Neo-Liberal University

Precarity III: Precarious Historians & Disciplinary Caring: What can the CHA do?

Rethinking History in Canada Roundtable Series I: Women, Gender & Sexuality

Rethinking History in Canada Roundtable Series II: Indigenous Experiences and Decolonization

Rethinking History in Canada III – BIPOC Experiences

Historians at Work I – The Private Sector

Seen but Not Seen: Influential Canadians and the First Nations from the 1840s to Today: A Virtual Roundtable