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Brittany Luby

Brittany Luby 1

The John Bullen Prize


Brittany Luby,  “Drowned: Anishinabek Economies and Resistance to Hydroelectric Development in the Winnipeg River Drainage Basin, 1873–1975.” History Department, York University.

Weaving together oral histories and documentary sources, Indigenous and western paradigms, social and environmental perspectives, and personal and shared experiences, Brittany Luby’s analysis of Anishinibek (Ojibwa) responses to waiâbishkiwedig (Settler) hydroelectric development in the Upper Winnipeg River drainage basin underlines the diverse ways in which families adapted to and resisted changes not of their making. Innovative in its structure and responsive to Indigenous research methodologies, this dissertation is a timely contribution to our understanding of postwar inequity in Canada and of the forces that fractured Indigenous household economies during an era often presented as one of general affluence.