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Katrina Ackerman

Katrina Ackerman

The Hilda Neatby Prize English Article


Katrina Ackerman, « In Defense of Reason : Religion, Science, and the Prince Edward Island Anti-Abortion Movement, 1969-1988 ».

Katarina Ackerman analyzes a wide range of primary sources, backed solidly by secondary sources, to describe the actions of the Prince Edward Island Right to Life Association (RTLA). With her meticulous, thorough and nuanced analysis of written and oral material, Ackerman shows the close ties uniting politicians, doctors, hospital management and activists from the “pro-life” movement in the process of blocking access to abortion services on PEI. Her detailed and precise account shows the relationship between transnational developments and the local history of Canada’s smallest province and clearly demonstrates how the members of the RTLA infiltrated hospitals boards in the province to limit and prevent access to abortion services even after the legalization of abortion in 1969. Thus, this article provides the necessary facts to understand present-day issues in regard to access to abortion services. It is a fine example of the talent and skill of new researchers and their outstanding contributions to the history of women in Canada.