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Stuart Henderson


The John Bullen Prize


Stuart Henderson. “Making the Scene: Yorkville and Hip Toronto, 1960-1970″ (Department of History, Queen’s University).

The Jury of the CHA John Bullen Prize is delighted to award the 2007 honor for the best PhD thesis defended in a history Department in Canada to Dr Stuart Henderson for his thesis titled: AMaking the Scene: Yorkville and Hip Toronto, 1960-1970”. Dr Henderson’s thesis, defended at Queen’s University, is a brilliant analysis of the creation and the development of one of the most interesting Acountercultural@ neighbourhoods, in Canada which became – in the 1960s – a symbol of youth revolt. The fascinating material presented by Dr Henderson is animated by his rigorous methodology and his wonderful prose. The thesis is an outstanding example of interdisciplinarity, using a variety of approaches and an extraordinary tapestry of primary and secondary sources. Dr Henderson’s thesis makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of the recent past and is a vibrant proof that History can, and should, be written with passion.