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Sean Kheraj

The Environment

Sean Kheraj

Urban Environment Sean Kheraj is a co-editor of https://niche-canada.org/ where he produces and hosts Nature’s Past, the Canadian environmental history podcast. His research focuses on the historical relationship between people and animals in urban environments. His most recent work is Inventing Stanley Park: An Environmental History (2013).

Alan MacEachern

Climate history, history of national parks, history of forest fires Alan MacEachern has long experience writing for the scholarly and popular press about the history of Canadians’ relations with nature. He was the founding director of NiCHE: Network in Canadian History & Environment, has co-produced textbooks on Canadian environmental history methodology and on Canadian history, and is …

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Jacob Remes

History of disasters Jacob Remes is a historian of the United States and Canada, with particular expertise in disasters (natural and otherwise), labor and other social movements, migration, and religion. He is the author of several articles on these topics and is completing a book on working-class experience of, and response to, disasters in U.S. …

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