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Katharine Richter

The Eugene Forsey Undergraduate Prize


Katharine Richter, “The Criminalization of Unemployment Strikes in Depression-Era Nova Scotia, 1931-1936,” Dalhousie University.

Richter’s honours thesis uses archival material from Library and Archives Canada to trace the history and state repression of the protests of unemployed workers in Depression-Era Nova Scotia.  This original contribution is framed with an extensive engagement with the historiography of labour, the left, and political policing in this period.

Honourable Mention

Rebecca Campbell, “‘If you see some of them with a blue hard hat don’t be surprised’: Women’s working opportunities in Cassiar British Columbia, 1970-1977,” University of Northern British Columbia.

In this extended research paper, Campbell explores the employment and working conditions afforded women in a company town in Northern British Columbia.  Drawing on community newspapers and local history sources, Campbell is able to demonstrate that Cassiar, BC was distinct from other company towns in the opportunities afforded to working women.